Major Benefits Of NAD IV Therapy

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Advancements in the cosmetic industry today have reached a point where doctors are being able to reverse the aging process using their knowledge of the molecular basis of aging. While there are hundreds of molecular changes that promote the aging of a person, a few of these are being researched as of now. One such molecular change that is being studied is the gradual decline of the NAD levels in the body as a person ages. This particular study finding has been the target of NAD IV therapy Los Angeles today.

What is NAD?

NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. It is a coenzyme that is present in each and every cell of the body. Briefly, it is involved in many metabolic, and molecular processes and pathways that are concerned with the maintenance of DNA integrity and treating any cellular damage. You may have now understood the depth of NAD IV therapy in Los Angeles. 

What is NAD IV therapy?

The levels of NAD gradually and slowly decline as one age. Many environmental factors also play a role in it. NAD IV treatments target this mechanism and replenish the NAD levels in the body. Apart from NAD+, the formula usually also contains vitamins B and C, along with other antioxidants of its kind, such as glutathione. NAD IV treatments not only help with combating the process of aging but they are also being used for a variety of other ailments. Let’s look at some of the major benefits of the therapy.

Improves brain function

Those who are prone to degenerative neurological illnesses can avail of this treatment as it is believed to reduce the risk of developing such disorders by enhancing brain function. It is being studied as a neuroprotective agent that helps restore and protect the neurons in our brain. Thus, no doubt, it improves brain function over time and helps with improving memory and cognition. 

To add to that, it also gives clarity of thought as well as helps those battling depression and anxiety. The neurological benefits aren’t over yet. NAD IV therapy in Los Angeles can be a great supportive treatment for those recovering from substance abuse. This chemical helps with cravings as well as decreases withdrawal symptoms. 

For the body of your dreams

Are you someone who is currently struggling in your weight loss journey? It may be that you have tried every remedy that exists, and yet there is no improvement despite rigorous dieting and stringent workout schedules. This may be your sign to try out the NAD IV therapy. It improves the overall metabolism and reduces inflammation and the formation of harmful free radicals. All this can help you lose those stubborn kilos. Apart from this, NAD also improves muscle function and thus aids in athletic growth. It is known to boost endurance and improve performance on the field. You may have now understood the depth of NAD IV. Thus, no doubt, it improves brain function over time and helps with improving memory and cognition. 

NAD therapy in Los Angeles can thus provide one with a holistic approach to improvement in bodily functions. 

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