What is DDR5 Ram? DDR4 vs DDR5, Expection, Specs

What is DDR5 Ram? DDR4 vs DDR5, Expection, Specs

Are you wondering what DDR5 is? What is the DDR5 RAM release date, DDR5’s maximum capacity and usage, and also DDR5 specs? So in this article, we will get to know about answers to all these questions. JEDEC solid state technology association publishes the DDR5 standards. And recently it was supposed to release but the company is facing multiplying delays to figure out some new features and internal things that are not disclosed, so users are eagerly waiting to test and try the all-new DDR5. DDR5 release date is near but it is not officially released or came out by the producers or the company officials themselves.

It was expected initially that in early adoption the servers will drive but due to mainstream adoption, it begins in late 2021 which is earlier than expected. In the market DDR5 max capacity is going to increase and it is expected that the demand will also increase. It is estimated by the International Data Corporation Agency (IDC) that 22% of the DRAM market will be accounted for by DDR5 in 2021 and in 2022 the sale of DRAM was increased to 43% of the total sale.

Release Date DDR5 RAM 

The data for this has been coming for various months, but the company is delaying the release date and stretching it to the next expected release date. SK Hynix in 220 has released some data on the memory plan of DDR5 and shared that they are planning for mass production this time by the end of the year which is 2020. But on July 14, 2020, was released officially.

Advantages of DDR5 RAM

Users are waiting with excitement and with good production the market of users is also growing. The various benefits of DDR5 RAM are listed below,

Memory Frequency

With the increased bandwidth and performance, DDR5 is expected to release and stand out at 1600MHZ which officially grew to 3200MHz over time. There are many other competitors and manufacturers too in the market who are providing up to 5000 MHz at a prohibitive cost.

  • It is expected that the DDR5 frequency after its release might range from 3200MHz to 8400Mhz by beating all the competition in the market.
  • DDR5 will run much faster than before, efficiently, and buffer-free which will give a good user experience.

Memory Density

RAM that can support 64GB memory reaching the capacity of up to 16GB to 64GB that can be extended to 128 GB now.

  • There are various different densities available for users to choose as per their usage like 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB in a single chip.
  • 64GB with 8400MHz density as expected by SK Hynix with mass production by the year-end.

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Lower Power Consumption

As compared to other RAM in the market DDR5 has the lowest power consumption. It increases the overall efficiency. Almost 20% of power consumption is reduced with the help of DDR5 which supports limiting heat generation and higher working frequencies.

  • With DDR5 the values of VDD/VDDQ are expected to drop to 1.1V which was reduced to 1.2V with DDR4. As a result, it can be conveyed that DDR5 max capacity is increased with lower power consumption and higher yield for mobile devices.
  • As power consumption is decreasing DDR5 is becoming energy efficient which increases the battery life of the devices like smartphones and tablets.

Bank Structure

Improved bank structure is also there with 32- a bank structure to improve the performance. Previously there were around 16 banks which is 4 bank groups but now the number is increased to 32 means the number of banks has doubled drastically.

  • There is one more new functionality that can be seen which is “Same Bank Refresh” which enables the use of a memory bank independently. This means banks can refresh themself independently.
  • While dealing with larger memory capacities, and faster response time with low power consumption and low burst time is also noticed.

But everything comes with its own disadvantages along with various advantages. One of the significant disadvantages of DDR4 is Performance improvements.

On servers, the DDR5 will be implemented first as per the plan of testing after servers, on high games, and then on smartphones.



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